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It’s a SUPERPODCAST as Brandon, Dan, Jarret reunite for a huge edition of the YJGF podcast, and this time around they’re joined by Jordan. The group talks the huge controversy with EA and microtransactions that’s dominated the gaming airwaves for the last week or so. We also talk the new Xbox One X, Destiny 2, Cuphead, and Jordan does a review of his new 4K TV. And of course, we Gripe!

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Brandon, Dan, and hit the interweb airways early Sunday morning to talk 4K TVs and what to look for when you’re considering a new TV for when the Xbox One X is released. We also run down our first impressions of the Destiny 2 beta, what we’re currently playing, our latest achievements, and of course, the Gripe of the Week.

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Jarret, Dan, and Brandon return to the podcast and talk everything E3: the new Xbox One X – specs, price point, game availability. We also run down the list of games released for Xbox One X, our thoughts, release dates, backward compatibility with OG Xbox, and more. We also have a common Gripe of the Week around cross-platform play.

Tune in for the Extra Huge Super E3 Edition, with more snark!

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We’re working to get a podcast up every month and so far, for two months it’s working! The podcast crew is back as Dan, Brandon, and Jarret discuss gaming news headlines, what we’re currently playing, our latest achievements, Microsoft moving their E3 conference appearance to Sunday, the latest on Xbox Game Pass, some of our favorite bits on our Xbox One experiences, and of course, The Gripe Of The Week.

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It’s a new year and the podcast crew returns as Heffacholypse, Headcheese74, and ForsakenPrime are back to discuss gaming news headlines, what we’re currently playing, our latest achievements, the cancellation of Scalebound and what that might mean for Microsoft, we dig a little deeper into Project Scorpio specs, Extra Life!, and of course, The Gripe Of The Week.

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From our friends at the XBox Blog:

One of the most-requested fan features on the Xbox Feedback site has been the addition of background music. Whether its listening to music while you play games or browse the internet, background music can provide the soundtrack to your Xbox experience.

With currently participating music app partners, all you need to do is open the app, start playing the tunes you want to hear, and then hit the Home button to navigate to the game or activity you want. Once you’ve got background music running, just double-tap the Home button to open the guide which will allow you to make adjustments or switch songs on the fly.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the apps that support background music now, as well as some that are on their way.

Groove – Premium

With Groove Music Pass, stream and download new hits and familiar favorites from millions and millions of songs. Listen ad-free, just about anywhere (Xbox, web, PC, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone)*. The perfect playlist for every game genre: shooters, sports, racing, & RPGs – choose from Groove curated or make your own. Add your MP3s or iTunes tracks to OneDrive, and they’ll always be at your fingertips with the Groove Music app on Xbox One and on the go.

Pandora – Free

Pandora is one of the biggest names in the streaming music world, offering music fans millions of songs from thousands of artists. While the Pandora app is already available on Xbox One, today’s update adds support for background music. It’s free to enjoy, and with the new background music feature, we’re sure this release will take your gaming experience to the next level. Available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Simple Background Music Player – Free

Allows for playback from a USB-connected external device, the Simple Background Music Player lives up to its name by offering an easy-to-use experience that lets you listen to any music that you can drop onto a USB stick. All you need to do is put the tunes on the stick, plug it in to your Xbox One, fire up the app, and you’re ready to go!

VLC – Free

Long used by Windows PC owners, VLC was created as part of the VideoLAN academic project back in the 1990s. VLC supports a wide range of audio and video file formats and allows for streaming from other devices. VLC will be launching on Xbox One in the next couple of months, so we’ll be bringing you more on this one soon.

With thanks to Windows Central, here’s everything you need to know about XBox Play Anywhere.

What is Xbox Play Anywhere?

Put simply, you buy a game once and play it either on the PC or Xbox One with synchronized progress between the two. To play on the PC you must have Windows 10.

Will all new Xbox games support Xbox Play Anywhere?

No. It can be enabled by any developer, but it’s their decision ultimately whether or not to go down this path.

Which games will support Xbox Play Anywhere?

Here are the initially announced titles to support Xbox Play Anywhere:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Crackdown 3
  • Cuphead
  • Everspace
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Gears of War 4
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Killer Instinct
  • Phantom Dust
  • ReCore
  • Scalebound
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Slime Rancher
  • The Culling
  • We Happy Few

How does Xbox Play Anywhere work?

Xbox Play Anywhere will associate your Xbox Live account to the ownership of supported games. Then, when signed in with the same account on the other platform you will be able to download the game from your ready to install list and jump right in. Your game save data will be shared between the two using Xbox Live.

Does Xbox Play Anywhere work with physical copies?

No, it does not. As described to us by Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Xbox marketing chief:

It is specific to digital because we have to be able to associate your account with the product. When you purchase ReCore digitally in the Windows 10 Store on Xbox One, that game will be tied to your account. When you go between multiple devices, we’ll be able to say “this is your game, this is your game library.” We’re only able to do that digitally today.

If you want to take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere you need to have a digital copy of the game. Either by purchasing directly from the Xbox Store on your console or by using a download voucher from your favorite retailer.

What sort of PC do I need for Xbox Play Anywhere?

Playing games on PC has traditionally been a taxing affair and Play Anywhere titles will be no different. Unlike Xbox One Streaming, you’re actually playing the game on your desktop or laptop and will need sufficient hardware to be able to do so.

Since you’re not paying extra for the Windows 10 copy you’re not worse off, but you should make a point of checking the PC hardware requirements in the Store before downloading.

Will there be more Xbox Play Anywhere games?

Undoubtedly. Hopefully third-party developers will get in on the act, too, but supported games will be announced by Microsoft as and when they appear.

Does this mean I can play multiplayer with my friends on Xbox or PC if I’m on the other?

Not necessarily, but it’s absolutely possible. Games like Halo Wars 2, for example, have already announced cross-platform multiplayer. Again it will be down to the developers, and there will be some games you probably wouldn’t want to play on Xbox against PC players!

Do I have to use a controller with Xbox Play Anywhere games?

Not at all. On the Xbox One (right now) controller is your only option, but on PC you’ll be able to use keyboard and mouse or a controller so long as support is built in.

Do I get double achievements by playing on PC and Xbox?

Just as your game save data is shared between the two, so are your achievements.

Heffacholypse, Headcheese74, and ForsakenPrime are back to fill the Interwebs with their views on Xbox One gaming. This episode, we talk about E3, the new Xbox hardware, the new Xbox One preview dashboard updates, what we’re currently playing, our latest achievements, Xbox One S review, console games coming to PC, the latest PS4 hardware announcements, Extra Life!, and of course, The Gripe Of The Week.

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